Building Trust and Profit Through Stronger Relationships

Everyday we bump into people whom we interact with on the surface, but don’t really know.   How can we expect to get cooperation or business from them just because we attend the same meeting, work for the same organization, or belong to the same group?

Being able to answer questions like, “Who is in the room with me, and how can we get to know, like, and trust each other?” as well as, “How can we help each other to achieve true success?” take you from “Acquaintanceship to Relationship” and turn time spent networking into the most productive investment you’ll ever make.


Connecting With Your Success Network is a series of interactive Presentations and Workshops designed to help you and your organization identify your internal and external network and learn to build deeper, authentic relationships that don’t end when the meeting is over.

Networking is about far more than shaking hands and collecting business cards. Creating deeper, more meaningful relationships leads to greater trust and greater profits.


I believe this really is the “key to why teams and referral groups succeed or fail.” Connections based on trust and understanding create lasting relationships that generate profit. 

networkingMany small business and sales professionals are tired of leaving the event with a stack of business cards, but no sense of connection or prospective business.

Would you like to get to know the people in the room in a more memorable way, build relationships and find common ground that could lead to business opportunities? Connecting the Dots – Effective Networking to Increase Trust and Profit, can be scheduled as a one hour Lunch and Learn, or a half day interactive workshop.


* Learn the importance of selling You before selling a product
* Discover how giving first will get you what you need in business
* Develop trust-building skills to generate referrals
*Grow your sphere of Influence
* Understand the most important trait of a good networker

Empty-BoardroomMany corporate employees say they’re dissatisfied in their work mostly because they don’t feel part of the bigger picture, they aren’t on board with a shared vision or mission, and they aren’t recognized for their contributions. They want to feel like a valued part of something bigger.

Connecting the Dots – Increasing Engagement and Collaboration, can be scheduled as a a half or full day interactive workshop.

* Discover synergies that will bond your team
* Understand a deeper purpose of your organization that will lead to greater
* How communicating our differences enhance the team
* Building cooperation for long-term success

As a speaker and facilitator, the most valuable asset I bring to your event is my ability to teach you how to make powerful connections of your own. 


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