Because Happiness Really is the Key to Success


When we are happy we look at things differently. We experience major shifts within ourselves and become more open to the wonderful world around us. Situations that used to be annoying don’t bother us as much. What was a big deal becomes a minor incident and we easily shrug it off. We have more capacity to be purposeful, productive, and creative when we are connected to happiness and joy.

Even though life may bring sadness, disappointment, and frustration, we can choose joy instead. We make that choice by associating happiness with anchors; feelings and memories that ground us in a good and happy place in our mind. The key to connecting to those anchors is our five senses.


Our emotions are tied to our senses. We create emotional anchors through our senses every day. We can then reconnect to those anchors through a process that makes our “happy place” available to us at any time. This process is effective in the workplace to reduce stress and improve mental acuity. It can help seniors who are transitioning into assisted living or facing the cognitive challenges of the aging process. It’s also meaningful to children who are dealing with self-esteem or identity challenges. 

Happiness is important to all of us, it’s the ultimate success metric and the one goal we all have in common.

Happiness and the Five Senses is an interactive, fun session that and focuses on connecting participants with the emotional memory anchors they associate with joy and happiness through Touch, Taste, Hearing, Sight, and Smell. More than a one-time happy experience, your group will learn how to create new anchors and how to use anchors to return them to their “happy place” any time. 

Engaging the senses to tap into the wellspring of happiness leads to greater job satisfaction and increased employee retention, as well as higher levels of creativity and collaboration. It also helps children and seniors adapt to difficult situations such as new homes and schools.


 “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.” ~ Albert Schweitzer

We cannot live by the principle that when we have what we want we will be happy. Because the opposite is true. We call it the “Be-Do-Have” principle – what when we are happy we do more of the things that create success and end up having more of what we want in life. 

happy hands

Laughter Is… an outlet for sharing and feeling our joy. When we can laugh, our energy is lifted, we are attached to a virtual helium balloon that pulls us up, higher and higher into joy.

A Deep Belly Laugh… is uninhibited joy. It opens us up and expands our ability to experience even more joy.

Happiness Is…. Anyone and Anything at all that’s loved by you, according to Charlie Brown and company. Love opens our heart and is pure joy. 

There is significant research that says that people who are happier are healthier, have better relationships and are more involved in community and social activities.

Happy people are healthier people and attract more happiness to them.  Smiles are contagious! 

happy peopleSome people believe that they will be happy when they are successful. They look to their career to deliver the things they believe will make them happy; money, status, security.

When in fact, the opposite is true — success does not lead to happiness, success is a result of being happy and making choices accordingly.

Who do you want to work with? The happy person or the grouch? Who do you want to buy from? Who do you want to reward more generously? Who do you want to promote? All other things being equal, the happy person gets your vote every time. If you want your organization to be full of successful people, teach your people to connect with their happy.

Happiness and the Five Senses can be scheduled as a a half or full day interactive workshop.

Portrait of a happy senior woman smiling at the camera. Over black background.Seniors often experience many challenges, especially when they have to transition away from the familiar environment of home into a care facility. In this experience, seniors will reconnect with happy memories from their past.  Quite often, their memories are stimulated by hearing others share their own experiences.  Shared or similar memories can create new friends in an environment where seniors may feel lonely or disconnected.

Happiness and the Five Senses will help seniors access their present happiness through tapping into long-term memory. They will connect to others and to themselves by sharing their experiences and discovering commonalities with those around them. 

A Story:

Several years ago, while facilitating this workshop​ in a senior living facility, I noticed a gentleman ​who ​sat in a wheelchair, his daughter next to him.

He didn’t recognize her and the pain of his lack of recognition was evident in her face. Someone in the audience shared a memory, and soon several other participants joined in. The gentleman in the wheelchair didn’t really participate, he listened with a blank look on his face.

Eventually, one of the memories shared was about seeing family – how that brought so much joy. The man smiled and raised his hand and shared about his children, a son and a daughter. The daughter put her hand lovingly on his shoulder and he turned and looked at her and smiled. “When did you get here?” he asked. Her face lit up. He had connected to a memory and to her.

familyThere will be lots of giggles as we explore the Five Senses together and learn to create positive memory anchors. This workshop encourages bonding and expanded awareness, as we share common experiences in a safe and fun environment.

Happiness and the Five Senses will strengthen the family unit through shared memories, developing new awareness, and creating new experiences together. 

Children will learn how diversity can bring us together, and will discover that commonalities breed tolerance and understanding. 

This interactive workshop is ideal for children with challenges and to educate about the impact of bullying and discrimination. 

As a speaker and facilitator, the most valuable asset I bring to your event is my ability to teach you how to make powerful connections of your own. 


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