Happiness and the Five Senses

Memories connect us to family, our friends and ourselves.  Happy memories make us smile and transport us back in time.

Happiness and the Five Senses is an interactive, fun session that focuses on memory anchoring and sharing experiences using Smells, Tastes, Sight, Sounds and Touch.

(Children) will giggle as we explore the five senses together and learn to create positive memories.  This workshop also encourages both bonding and expanded awareness as similar and new experiences are shared in a safe, fun environment.

(Seniors) will reconnect with happy memories from their past.  Quite often, their memories are stimulated by hearing others share their own experiences.  Shared or similar memories can create new friends in an environment where seniors may feel lonely or disconnected.

Happy people are healthier people and attract more happiness to them.  Smiles are contagious.  Happiness and the Five Senses will leave your group smiling!