What dots do you need to connect today?

All of my materials and topics can be customized for the needs of your organization, and delivered as presentations or interactive workshops. I also encourage my clients to define the ongoing support they will be offering to develop momentum and lasting impact.

Workshops are, without a doubt, the most powerful method for instigating individual and group connectivity.


Our first step together will be to define your objectives. Do you need to build a stronger team? Develop more referral partners and increase sales? Embrace diversity and collaboration? What dots do you need to connect and what benefit will you experience once you master that connectivity?

Most of the work I do with clients falls into one of four categories:




In any endeavor, our why is what drives us, and what draws others to us. These presentations and workshops help participants connect with their personal why, and with their shared motivations.


Engaging the senses to tap into the wellspring of happiness leads to greater job satisfaction and increased employee retention, as well as higher levels of creativity and collaboration. It also helps children and seniors adapt to difficult situations such as new homes and schools.


Networking is about far more than shaking hands and collecting business cards. Creating deeper, more meaningful relationships leads to greater trust and greater profits.


The Go-Giver Success Accelerator teaches the Five Laws of Stratospheric Success from the best-selling book, The Go-Giver, by Bob Burg and John David Mann.
Our not- for- profit organization recently went through a merger combining 3 different companies.

It was quite evident at our annual strategic planning session that Barb’s help was definitely needed. Looking around the room, most of the members were clustered with those members from their former companies.

Barbara got us to move around and find someone we didn’t know and interview them just for a few minutes. Then we shared what we had learned as Barbara recorded facts that showed us how much we all had in common with one another.

It was a fun activity that had a powerful effect on the group. In a short period of time, we got to meet everyone on the board and it seemed that more of the members were participating in the meeting.

This was a large group of professional people that Barbara managed to do something that many of them initially resisted.

I believe that everyone thought it beneficial and we look forward to other ways Barbara can help make us a superior board of directors. Beth Smith

Past Chair, Aspire Health Partners

As a speaker and facilitator, the most valuable asset I bring to your event is my ability to teach you how to make powerful connections of your own. 



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