Happiness Is…

Happiness Is…

Happiness Is…. Anyone and Anything at all that’s loved by you, according to Charlie Brown and company.   Love opens our heart and is pure joy.

Laugher Is… an outlet for sharing and feeling our joy.  When we can laugh, our energy is lifted, we are attached to a virtual helium balloon that pulls us up, higher and higher into joy.

A Deep Belly Laugh… is uninhibited joy.   It opens us up and expands our ability to experience even more joy.

When we are happy, we look at things differently.  As we experience happiness, a major shift occurs within ourselves and we become more open to the wonderful world around us.  Situations that used to annoy seem less aggravating.  What use to be a major deal becomes a minor incident that is easily shrugged off.  We have more capacity to be tolerant of others as well because we are in a state of joy.

Joy is our natural state and through it we are happy.  They are interchangeable.  Joy is happiness and happiness is joy.

What brings you Joy?