Investing in Yourself

Investing in Yourself

I attended a networking event recently for a group that has a professional reputation and I was surprised at what I saw when I walked in the room.

The meeting, which took place mid-week during lunch time had about 25 people in attendance, all representing different business. What surprised me was how some of the members were dressed and, how they carried themselves and spoke about their business.

The Realtor, wearing torn blue jeans and a bedazzled t-shirt that read “Realtor Chick” was totally unprepared to share her skills and talents and did not seem credible in my eyes, especially with her introduction of: Hi – As you can see I’m a Realtor and, well, that’s pretty much it, call me”

It was pretty much it for me because she did not convey anything that would earn her my business or trust.

Several of the group were dressed appropriately to their professions, but others were not and it left me wondering how successful some of them would be through this group, or in their business overall if this is the impression they make.

Your attire, your “elevator speech” about your business, how well you listen to what the person you are speaking with is saying – all have an impact on the business you will receive from the others in the room.

So my question is – How are you representing YOU?