Who We Help

Corporations and Boards of Directors

Team Building Workshops build rapport, increasing productivity and profitability. Plus, avoiding bullying in the workplace.

Small Businesses

Finding common ground through shared goals and values creates workplace synergy.

Kids and Young Adults

Explore life skills from learning to make new friends, diffusing bullying and how to communicate effectively with others.


Exploring the fun of sharing stories from different age perspective and learning from each other.


Discover the joy of sharing memories with others and finding out how much you have in common!

Most of us don’t think about

the connections we make every day — internally and externally.


We connect dots in the shape of ideassolutions, and memories.

We connect with people and connect people to each other.


It is in our ability to connect those dots that we find our personal happiness and our professional success.


I hope you’ll join me in making new connections, and creating greater happiness and success, today.

Barb Abramson

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